Webcast addresses recent EPA and DOJ policy developments with important implications for permitting, enforcement, and litigation.

By Joel C. Beauvais, Julia A. Hatcher, Karl A. Karg, Claudia M. O’Brien, and Stacey L. VanBelleghem

Latham’s Environment, Land & Resources Department hosted a 60-minute webcast on March 29, “New Trump Administration Policies on Environmental Enforcement, Settlements, and Clean Air Act Implementation.” Partners provided an overview of important policy clarifications and changes arising in recent months — including the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s new enforcement and settlement policies, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s guidance on deference to states in enforcement and program implementation, and new EPA policies on Clean Air Act implementation. The measures have important implications for permitting, enforcement, and litigation — both specifically under the Clean Air Act, and more broadly.

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