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China Faces Serious Water Supply Problems

China’s uneven distribution of water sources presents unique difficulties to China as demand for water is increasing rapidly. By Paul A. Davies and R. Andrew Westgate China’s water supply problems are well-known globally. However, the main problem facing China is how to distribute its water, rather than lack of water per se. 80% of China’s … Continue Reading

California Court of Appeal: Challenges to Water Supply Assessments Appropriate After EIR Certification

By Chris Garrett, Diego Flores, Lucas Quass and Samantha Seikkula CEQA Case Report: Understanding the Judicial Landscape for Development[i] In an unpublished opinion issued March 26, 2018, Golden Door Properties, LLC v. Vallecitos Water District, the California Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s judgment sustaining the Vallecitos Water District’s (District’s) demurrer from Golden Door, … Continue Reading