Representatives from 19 countries explore climate responses in several areas, including urban development, transportation, renewable energy, early warning systems, and agriculture.

By Rosa Espín and Leticia Sitges

Nearly 200 participants from 19 different countries recently convened in Colombia for the Green Climate Fund’s (the Fund’s) first Structured Dialogue with Latin America. The meeting, which was held on March 5–8 with the collaboration of the Government of Colombia, underscores the importance of the conclusions reached under such Structured Dialogues. The Fund holds Structured Dialogues in different areas of the world to exchange insights with regional governments on how to use public investment to address climate change concerns and promote private funding.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change created the Fund in 2010 to support developing countries’ efforts to limit or reduce emissions to fight the effects of climate change. In 2015, the Paris Agreement designated the global Fund an important role in achieving certain targets, for example, keeping global temperature rise well below 2º C above pre-industrial levels and to further limit the temperature increase to 1.5º C.