Developers and municipalities must now evaluate potential wildfire impacts from projects under recent amendments to CEQA, among other legislative changes.

By Marc Campopiano and Shivaun Cooney

Wildfires pose an increasingly serious threat to the public and environment in California with respect to air quality, climate change, and utility power shutoffs. The state’s string of historic wildfire seasons has prompted a number of changes to environmental policies. With recent amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Developers and local jurisdictions must evaluate wildfire impacts, among other changes. Understanding how wildfire risk affects new development and infrastructure has never been so important.

We recently hosted an in-depth webcast to help clients understand the new wildfire guidelines and subsequent implications on future development, including:

  • New CEQA Guidelines and Appendix G questions
  • How EIRs have been applied to new wildfire guidelines
  • Intersection of wildfire and climate change, air quality, and utility power shutdowns in response to wildfire risk
  • How new wildfire guidelines have been applied to EIRs

Watch a recording of Wildfire Implications on California Development: CEQA, Legislation, and More here, and please contact either of us with any further questions you might have about these developments.